What is the Strategy Institute?
Strategy Institute is an enterprise devoted to organisational strategy: teaching its principles, disseminating its knowledge and exploring new developments. Every organisation has a raison d'ętre, a reason for existence, a strategic purpose. Finding. Helping. Guiding. This is what we do.

Why would anyone need your services?
Pressure. Executives today operate under enormous management loads as they balance immediate stakeholder demands with long-term sustainability goals. There is often little time to think until faced with a crisis. Economic. Environmental. Legislative. Transformative. We partner with management to help them find and implement solutions to their strategic concerns.

How do you operate? Typically?
Each assignment is different. As individuals we may teach strategy; we may facilitate, always helping the client find their own solutions; we may perform as change agents; we may assist with organisation development. We read much and remain keen to share new and emerging ideas.

What are the pointers to a successful strategy engagement?
1) A clear brief, 2) obvious commitment from the client to a successful project, and finally, 3) client ownership of the eventual outcome. If 1) is lacking there is confusion and misalignment; if 2) is weak progress may tedious, and if 3) is poor implementation will suffer.

Is planning important, or is it the plan that counts?
The process of planning, it has been argued at Harvard, is often more important than the actual plan itself. Our lengthy experience bears witness. We have often seen cooperation, collaboration, communication, harmony, and happy organisations, result from effective strategy events. The benefit of the actual plan is to inform staff, align their outputs and raise their commitment. So, both have value.

2017 - 2020

Retirement Village - Institute Director assists community complex with accounts, management and strategy development.


Country-wide water delivery - Strategy Institute assists the Swaziland Water Services Corporation with their strategy for improving community access to water...
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